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Local Information & Content Delivered

By merging our extensive database with trusted local partners, our content delivery exchange helps stakeholders share their most up-to-date content.

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  • Shared Events Calendars

    Site administrators and those with profiles can publish and edit their events. All partners will share in the effort.

  • Places Pages & City Directory

    By picking neighborhoods and categories, each partner site can publish and edit a city directory linked to news and events.

  • Neighborhood Content

    Combining places, events, images and video, each partner site has access to a shared database of hyper-local content. is a Central Data Exchange (CDX) that Valentino New Orleans Hotels has developed to facilitate local information access and exchange. The CDX is intended to offer the most complete and current listing of events, services and locations in the city, served to users in a simple calendar format, searchable by numerous specific criteria, custom-called by the user. The CDX will seamlessly blend information from the most comprehensive New Orleans databases available. And it will grow; with each new content partner and publisher, the data exchange and pool will itself expand.

The CDX will also serve as the city’s single-source location for all event information – allowing any user to load their event(s) ONCE in a simple straightforward format – then offering the database for distribution to scores of sites and locations. The result is ease of entry with widespread audience reach.

Interested in being a contributor or content partner?

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Shared Resources

Working together, each CDX partner site helps to share the role of editing, publishing and promoting local content. There is power in numbers.

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Partner Controlled Publishing Workflow

A process of queues, editing and approval is followed to make sure the right content is made live. What is published, and how it is featured, is based on each partner’s respective editorial policies.

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